1meeting, Video Chat to Start Easily, has been Launched

1meeting, Video Chat to Start Easily, has been Launched

Glue Inc. based in Fukuoka, Japan, is a tech startup that focuses on video.

The company launched a new video app for an online video chat, called 1meeting, that can start chatting with your co-worker, friends and family easily.

Password authentication is not necessary to launch.


The company also have a video chat tool, called GlueCast, but it need the password authentication.

1meeting is better than GlueCast when you want to start chatting quickly.

To start using in the following steps.

  1. Fill any name to create your chat room on 1meeting
  2. Allow camera and microphone in the message box that appears before you enter a chat room
  3. Clip the link! Send the link to others in email,SMS,chat,and tell them to click it
  4. After they clicked the link,they will show up in your chat room

Well, it’s easy.

I guess the company wants users from outside of japan to use it, because 1meeting  has English view. 


1meeting is using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) that is an API definition being drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) .

The company wants to provide this technology to users that from child to the elderly through 1meeting.



Tried this web-app alone.

After the test piloting, I thought you need friends when you use it.