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13:20 - 14:10

How can education change in the face of dramatic social change?

How can education change in the face of dramatic social change?

Education” is one of the most important factors in creating the future.

Society is changing dramatically as technology advances, but how should education change to cope with these changes?

As times change, so should the education we need, but the question of what to change and how to change it, and what is needed to do so, is too complex.

We would like to have a serious discussion on the future of education from various angles: whether public education should be changed, whether private education should do something about it, whether the government should implement policies, and whether parents should do something about it.


Yasutomo Sanui

Director / Chief Educational Strategy Officer of Life Is Tech!

He develops and provides the Japan's No. 1 IT camp for middle and high school students and the programming resource for schools "Life is Tech Lessons". NewsPicks Education pro-picker.

Yuta Tonegawa

Representative Director and CEO in nonprofit organization Code for Everyone

In 2009, he participated in the launch of RAKSUL INC. and began learning programming. In 2015, he established Code for Everyone, a general incorporated association (a non-profit organization from 2017) to promote the spread of programming education in Japanese schools.
Member of the "Expert Committee on the Development of Logical Thinking, Creativity, and Problem-Solving Skills at the Elementary School Stage and Programming Education" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2016)
Member of the "Technology Innovation Working Group of the Education Revitalization Executive Council" of the Cabinet Secretariat (2018). Father of two children ( 8years and 5years).

Yuki Ikeda

Person in charge of selection and training in approved specified nonprofit Corporation Teach For Japan

After the graduation from Waseda University, she joined Itochu Corporation, where she worked in the logistics and shipping business. After retiring from Itochu, she obtained a teaching license at a correspondence course university and worked at a public elementary school in Nara City as the third Teach For Japan fellow (teacher) from April 2015. She has been based in Tokyo since 2018 and has been in her current position since April 2020 after a parallel career in education.

Satoshi Kondo

Co-Representative of ITeens.Lab

Ex band-member. He launched the ITeens Lab(a children's programming school) with his band member in 2014 and he is currently focusing on online. He is the organizer of EXA KIDS, an IT kids festival with a total of 5,000 participants. He was the producer of the hacker film "Electric Jellyfish Incident", which received a great response. He is always orange.