Myojowaraku 2019 decided to be held !!! In October 29th and 30th, Fukuoka will be exciting.

Myojowaraku 2019 decided to be held !!! In October 29th and 30th, Fukuoka will be exciting.
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“Myojowaraku”, It has begun as the festival of technology and creativity in Fukuoka since 2011.

It was decided to hold “Myojowaraku 2019” in Fukuoka !!! Next will be 12th in 9 years.

Our concept is “Fusion and creation between diverse sectors”.

Myojowaraku is the place that a variety of people communicate and create something new together.

This time, we think about creating new values based on “Technology × Life × Social” as a theme.

In October 29th and 30th, we’ll produce many opportunities including experience booths and talk sessions by persons and companies familiar with technology and networkings through entertainment as music gigs.

Many people will gather Myojowaraku. They have each different background including a music, an art, foods, AGC and sports.

It will trigger creating something new involving not only Asia but also all over the world.

*AGC means Japanese 2D contents like Animes, Comics and Games.

Myojowaraku has been hold as the movement representing “Fusion and creation between diverse sectors.” since 2011.

We have invited many domestic and foreign guest and hold events as talk sessions based on various themes.

“Myojowaraku 2018 Summer”, the last one, was separated into a first half and a second half.

In a first half, we hold a camp festival as “WARAKU CAMP” in Noko Island Fukuoka.

In another half, “WARAKU SUMMIT” was hold in Fukuoka Growth Next, a facility renovated from a closed school for supporting establishment.

This is a report movie of “Myojowaraku2018 Summer”.

We’re looking for companies supporting “Myojowaraku 2019” right now.

If you know in detail, please contact us from the following email address.

We’re looking forward to “Myojowarku 2019” !!!

We will let you know as soon as we have more information. Please look forward to more information !!!