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17:20 - 18:10

Transport in Major Areas and Local Transport - What is the future of loved mobility?

Transport in Major Areas and Local Transport - What is the future of loved mobility?

Mobility” is as essential to our lives as food, clothing and shelter.

Electric kickboards are attracting a lot of attention as a means of transportation, as regulations have been relaxed through the use of national strategic zones and other measures to allow them to run on public roads.

Mobility in urban and rural areas
What is safe mobility?
Mobility changing due to infectious diseases

The players of the mobility that develops in different parts of the world will discuss such things.


Daiki Okai

Representative Director and CEO of Luup, Inc.

Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he joined a strategic consulting firm where he was mainly in charge of PMI for listed companies and business development for private equity funds. After that, he founded Luup Inc. He became representative director and CEO. In May 2019, he founded the Micro Mobility Promotion Council, which aims to promote the social implementation of new micromobility technologies led by major electric kickboard operators in Japan, and assumed the role of Chairman.

Teizo Narumi

Representative Director and CEO of glafit Inc.

Representative Director of glafit Inc. https://glafit.com/
Chairman, Japan Electric Mobility Promotion Association (JEMPA) https://jempa.org/
A Wakayama-based venture company that has been involved in the development, manufacturing, sales and customer service of electric mobility vehicles from zero.

Started business at the age of 15 and established 3 domestic and 2 overseas companies in 25 years.
Achieved the highest number of crowdfunding in Japan in 2017
In 2020, he has surpassed the 100 million mark for consecutive crowdfunding in our history

Ryo Hyuga

President and CEO in mobby ride Inc.

After graduating, he joined a major advertising agency.
He launched an ad agency division in the smartphone app domain and won the Best Newcomer Award and Best Player Award.
Later, he joined AnyPay Inc. as a founding member. He was appointed as a director and CMO, overseeing the marketing area, the sales and alliances area.
In August 2018, he launched LayerX Inc. a joint venture between Gunosy Inc. and AnyPay Inc. and was appointed Vice President and Representative Director. After retiring from LayerX Inc. he launched mobby ride Inc. and became President and CEO.