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13:20 - 14:30

Report on the 2019 Recipients of the Fukuoka City Step Up Subsidy Program

Report on the 2019 Recipients of the Fukuoka City Step Up Subsidy Program

Fukuoka City Step Up Subsidy Program invites business plans from start-ups, and the ones with especially high novelty and growth potential are awarded the Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and Encouragement Award. This year, we will hold a debriefing session for the 2019 winners!
Entrepreneurs selected from among the many excellent startups will present their business results and progress during the year. Members of the Fukuoka City Founder’s Support Group Council, who actually judged the awards, will give advice to the entrepreneurs.


Fumikazu Yamamoto

Representative Director of otta inc.

We are developing a monitoring terminal for use by children and the elderly. The terminal emits a maximum signal of 100 meters, which can be captured by a dedicated router and a smartphone with an application installed. By installing these routers throughout the city and asking local residents to install the apps, we can effectively set up a monitoring environment. In Fukuoka City, we are collaborating with the Kyushu Electric Power Company to install these routers in all the elementary schools in the city.

Eikichi Iida

Vice chairman of Fukuoka city founder cheering squad board

Chairman, Representative Director and President of WORLD HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

Mitsuo Koga

Chairperson of Fukuoka city founder cheering squad board

Representative director of Koga Management Institute.

Haruna Morikawa

Representative Director of ON-GRIT ENGINEERING,.Inc.

Marutto Drawings" is a service that uses AI and outsourcing to create CAD drawings necessary for inspection reports on bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure structures to improve work efficiency. The AI analyzes the images from the inspection and manually adds the missing parts. We have developed a unique system that enables even inexperienced people with no knowledge of civil engineering to easily create drawings, and by outsourcing the work to single mothers and people with disabilities, we can create new jobs.
We have been certified as a trial quality product by Fukuoka City in 2019.

Ichiro Kimura

Representative Director of anect Inc.

Appabrik, a platform for one-stop app production and management, is a system that makes it possible to develop high-quality apps for both iPhone and Android simultaneously and at low cost. We sell our system mainly to companies that have established their own brands and want to release apps, but don't have the resources to invest in a large initial cost. We can provide the system at 1/3 of the development cost compared to the competition, and the speed of system improvement is superior.
The system is already up and running, and we have several sales agents and client companies, so we will continue to develop agents and partners while selling directly to them.

Takayasu Togitsu

Commissioner of Fukuoka city founder cheering squad board


Ryoji Miyawaki

Representative Director of AAKEL TECHNOLOGIES Inc.

We have established a data analysis center jointly funded by multiple energy companies to provide analysis services to medium-sized energy companies that cannot secure talented data analysis personnel and manage their businesses with data utilization as a single company.
The main services are (1) data analysis and AI, (2) support for system introduction, (3) human resource development, and (4) information provision. This is a scheme to reduce the cost burden per company by having multiple companies collaborate, and data analysis is done in cooperation with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo.