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12:20 - 13:10

'Renew The Contract with the World. The 'Neo-Westphalia Treaty' begins in Fukuoka.

'Renew The Contract with the World. The 'Neo-Westphalia Treaty' begins in Fukuoka.

[Session Content]
“Conical and Equal Nations” – The History of Nations and the Future
DAO4N as a Technology Supporting Equal Nations – How to Tame the Algorithm God? ~
A Decentralized Information City – Fukuoka: Citizen Participatory Advanced Information City
The Age of Cities, the Age of Borderless States – Redefining the Nation


Shogo Ochiai

Cryptoeconomics Lab Co-founder

He is a blockchain developer and researcher. He is highly regarded by the industry for his expertise in multiple areas of expertise in high-speed technology, decentralized financial technology, and autonomous decentralized organization technology, and is committed to educating the public about the right knowledge in many content and events. In particular, he has a long history of making jurisprudential and technical references to the application of autonomous decentralized organization (DAO) technology to states and municipalities that are unparalleled in the world.

Takahiro Ueda


Born in 1979. He writes fiction while working as an executive at a solutions manufacturer founded in 2005. He won the 28th Yukio Mishima Award for "My One True Love," which uses the development of AI as one of its motifs, and in 2019, he won the 160th Akutagawa Prize for "Nimrod," which is about cryptcurrency.
Other awards include Best of Young Japanese Novelists from GRANTA magazine, the 160th Akutagawa Prize, and the 68th Art Award for The Tower and Gravity.