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10:45 - 11:00

Opening Performance

Opening Performance

Art ,music and muscle? A collaborative performance by WOK22, a graphic artist living in Fukuoka, will present a live painting on the muscle body of the muscle and gentleman group “ALLOUT” that attracts attention from all over the world now. DJ NOMA takes charge of the music during the live painting, and the collaboration performance is enlivened!


Ryo Kajihara(DJ NOMA)


In 2013, she started her authentic career as a DJ NOMA.
At the age of 18 at the time, her music has been played 250,000 times, an astonishing number. she has expanded her activities from Fukuoka to other parts of the country, and she also performs as DJ in the large festivals like Fukuoka International Center, Sunsetlive, and Odaiba WaterWars.
Currently, she is active mainly in other Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia. Her hard-working and energetic performance that is hard to imagine from his appearance is attractive.
Currently, she is also actively appearing on TV shows and radio programs, and her appearances in movies and commercials have earned her reputation as an actress.

Instagram: @dj_noma
Twitter: @djnoma_japan
Tiktok: @dj_noma_japan


Graphic Artist/Painter

After the live paint, he started the career. In recent years, he has been fond of painting clouds and octopus legs, expressing the pop and dark side of his mind in various ways.
He has provided T-shirt graphics to STUSSY and Herschel, etc., participated in projects for ADIDAS and ONE PIECE, etc., started collaboration works with various companies, spaces and brands, held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. In recent years, he has been expanding his activities to Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and Manila.


President of ALLOUT(Group of muscle gentlemen)

ALLOUT has a network of over 500 macho people all over Japan, and organizes events and projects using muscles such as Muscle Cafe, Muscle Bon Dance, Muscle Tea Party, Macho Free Materials, etc. They show the fascination for muscles and the necessity of fitness through their bodies. Muscles save the world!