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18:20 - 19:10

A closer look at the urban festival community

A closer look at the urban festival community

Complex festivals combining music, film, IT, art, sports, food and other genres are taking place in cities both in Japan and abroad, such as Sapporo’s NoMaps, Okinawa’s LEAP DAY, Kobe’s 078KOBE and Fukuoka’s Myojowaraku.

As part of the “Urban Festivals” series, the organizers of the above festivals have gathered to talk about the future. But this time, we invites actual community members to join us for a talk session. We will discuss the real aspects of the community and the future of the community as members.


Shintaro Taneichi

Student Affairs in the Executive Committee of NoMaps

He is in charge of students at NoMaps and is the representative of IRENKA KOTAN LLC.
In the winter of his first year of high school, he founded the student group UKARI and for the next two years, he organized events to help high school students express and transmit their dreams in various spaces in Sapporo. He organaized The "Michi Mirai Festival", an event with the theme of VR and AR, at the walking space in front of Sapporo Station, and the "Steppin'Up 2019" festival with the theme of communicating the dreams of high school students with the support of many companies in Hokkaido.
He proposes a plan to solve the problems of cities, companies and individuals from the angle of community, and he is mainly in charge of developing urban development projects that involve young people.

Toyotaka Hida

Management Staff of Myojowaraku

A second-year engineering student at Kyushu University. He began his involvement with Myojowaraku after the Myojowaraku2018. At Myojowaraku, he is in charge of event planning and management and media management. His hobbies are sauna and CBD. His motto is "Don't fertilize your tongue, your food will taste bad".

Jun Sago

Administrative volunteer staff in 078KOBE

Born and raised in Port Island, Kobe.

Taking the opportunity of starting a business, she participated in "TEDxKobe" and "078KOBE" as a volunteer staff to do something related to Kobe.

Her motto is "Life with good friends, good drinks and music to dance to".

Kakazu Suzuka

Executive Assistant in FROGS Corp./ Ryukyufrogs Organizer

Born in 1996 in Okinawa. In her second year at university, she was selected for the 8th stage of Ryukyufrogs, a human resources development program, and attended a training course to foster an entrepreneurial spirit.