This year, We will hold “Myojowaraku”, which is the chaotic festival born in Fukuoka 9 years ago in Fukuoka too!It is held from October 28th, 2019 to 30th in the city.This year’s theme is “Post-Reality”

This year, We will hold “Myojowaraku”, which is the chaotic festival born in Fukuoka 9 years ago in Fukuoka too!It is held from October 28th, 2019 to 30th in the city.This year’s theme is “Post-Reality”
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On October 28th, we have the eve in Fukuoka Growth Next.

On October 29th and 30th, the start-ups, supporters and VCs from Fukuoka and  foreign countries get together and they have “WARAKU SUMMIT” which matches businesses with the panel discussion, pitch contest and booth. Other than that, you can enjoy many contents like Creative award 2019, Student Hackathon, art exhibition and DJ Show.

Myojowaraku executive committee have Myojowaraku2019 in Fukuoka city from October 28th, 2019 to 30th. 

About Myojowaraku

Nobody can predict the future in the present where the change become exponentially by the development of technology. I think the adaptation to the unpredictable future is better than the prediction of it. For getting the ability to survive, we think it’s more important to communicate with the diverse people and shake their senses than to  stick to the specific value. Myojowaraku works as the place where the heterogeneous people interact with each other and it is the device 

This 9th year’s Myojowaraku is held in SkalaPacio October 28th to 30th, 2019 with the theme “Post-Reality”(we have the eve in Fukuoka Growth Next on October 28th)

How “Myojowaraku 2018 Summer” was

The theme of Myojowaraku2019『Post-Reality』

Today, we can easily observe the development of new technologies having a significant impact on the society: the artificial intelligence, blockchain or 5G. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to this phenomenon in order to try the social implementation of these technologies. In the coming society, in which the innovation and these technologies break the common knowledge and bring a dynamic change, it will be necessary not only to keep an eye on the latest technology, but also to think about what future we can really create with it. “Don’t miss the essence of change and Be conscious of ‘Post-Reality’, in which the new technology and the reality are connected”. That’s the theme of Myojowaraku this year.

The Guests to attend in Myojowaraku2019

You can see many famous guests like DOZAN11, who got a big hit of Lifetime Respect as Miki Dozan and developed the app “mupic”  making music from photos and Ryosuke Imai who composed “Hero” (The theme music of Rio Olympics) and he is running the treat app “Gochimeshi”. And, you can also see 50 guests from oversea like Triin Ilves(ehnopol Startup Incubator Startup Community Manager) and Edmas Neo(Action Community for Entrepreneurship CEO)

Other Guests * In ABC order titles omitted

  • Aimi Sekiguchi(VR Artist)
  • Soichiro Takashima(Mayer of Fukuoka city)
  • Takashi Taniguchi(Animator/Illustrator)
  • Yoppy(writer)

and more…

About 100 guest speakers will warm up with the themes like technology, community and local.

We have also music live, student hackathon and creative award 2019.

On the 1st Day(October 29th), we have “Creative Award 2019”. 

“Creative Award” is the event to attempt the distribution of thing by discovering the thing born from the Myojowaraku’s theme and giving the award through the judging. We pick up willfully the heterogeneous creative works , judge them willfully and commend them willfully. We invite guest judges from several areas and we try to make an opportunity to make new creativity in SkalaEspacio.

This time,  35 works were applied and we will decide the grand prize from the 6 works which won the qualifier. You can vote online with Twitter.

Also, on the 2nd Day(October 30th), we have Myojowaraku Student Hackathon Presentation & Award Ceremony.

Students from universities in Kyushu team up , develop the product and present it.

In the after party(the night of October 30th), we have the party collaborated with G’s HUB DAY in GRAND MIRAGE evoL.

We create the place where people communicate with music and alcohol.

Please enjoy the perfomance by DJ NOMA and Kobuzaru, who is drum club of Fukuoka University.


【Information of Myojowaraku2019】

Date: October 28th, 2019〜30th


F.T Building B2 8-28 4-chome Watanabedori Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka 810-0004

(We have the eve in Fukuoka Growth Next on October 28th)

Official Web Site: 

(Please apply from this web site.)


【Contact for the Press】

Myojowaraku executive committee

Organizer:Kenji Matsuguchi