The main image of Myojowaraku2019 is complete! This year's theme is "Post-Reality"

The main image of Myojowaraku2019 is complete! This year's theme is
Pick Up

Myojowaraku2019 is held in SKALA ESPACIO October 29 and 30,2019.

The main image and the theme of the 12th event are complete!

◼︎The Main Image of Myojowaraku2019

Is “the new” what people feel when they see things, beings and concepts that had not been before? 

Is “the reality” the live action, non-fiction and what we can touch?

Both “the new” and “the reality” are so ambiguous and the comparison is essential when we define them.

It was hard to express the visible image of these words.

Does it  go up or go down?, Does it become bigger or smaller?… We created this image to interpret as we like.

We think “New reality = what creates the point of view to see and know and the chance to experience “. We would like you to experience the reality in Myojowaraku.

◼︎The Theme of Myojowaraku2019

“Post-Reality -The challenge to the new reality”

Today, we can easily observe the development of new technologies having a significant impact on the society: the artificial intelligence, blockchain or 5G. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to this phenomenon in order to try the social implementation of these technologies. In the coming society, in which the innovation and these technologies break the common knowledge and bring a dynamic change, it will be necessary not only to keep an eye on the latest technology, but also to think about what future we can really create with it. “Don’t miss the essence of change and Be conscious of ‘Post-Reality’, in which the new technology and the reality are connected”. That’s the theme of Myojowaraku this year.


◼︎About Myojowaraku


Nobody can predict the future in the present where the change become exponentially by the development of technology.I think the adaptation to the unpredictable future is better than the prediction of it.For getting the ability to survive, we think it’s more important to communicate with the diverse people and shake their senses than to  stick to the specific value. 

Myojowaraku works as the place where the heterogeneous people interact with each other and it is the device 

If you’re interested, please apply here.

We will keep you updated on progress.And we will hold “WARAVAN in Kyushu” which we go around Kyushu in September before this event.

“Waravan in Kyushu” which is the caravan around Kyushu to find  the heterogeneous collaboration will be held.

We would like to create the contents like the heterogeneous collaboration with you.